Use the tools you know

Redesign any website using CSS/JS. Simply choose your target site and write just the changes in our Web Editor.

Modify colours and fonts, update text, insert or remove elements—anything you can do with CSS and JS.

Need jQuery? No problem, add any external library. Labcoat also supports Less, Sass, CoffeeScript, and Javascript ES6 (via Babel).

Labcoat editor

Modify any website,
even ones you don’t control

Don’t have your site running on your laptop? No problem—all the magic happens when visiting the live site with our Chrome Extension installed.

Are you an agency pitching to a client? Prototype changes on the client's site. Working on a tool that is embedded into 3rd party sites? Why not do things in context?

Feel free to move fast and break things—customers won't be affected.


Design with real content

Staring at the same mockup of an article in Photoshop gets old in a hurry, why not try your design on every article?

Test your ideas using real content. How does your design feel with real data? Conduct usability testing with real content, no dummy data.

Stop mocking. Start modifying.

Labcoat wikipedia

Create and switch between versions on the fly

You can create unlimited versions for each site and switch between them to compare and contrast.

Conduct usability testing with alternate concepts, or simply keep track of your iterations.

Labcoat google versions

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