Collaborating with your team

Labcoat allows teams to work together to evolve and redesign a website. Multiple people can login, create and edit versions, and then login to the Extension to view prototypes in action.

Managing your team

From the Prototypes page, you can click the Manage team button to view the current members of your team and invite new ones.

Name your team

We recommend giving your team a useful name before you start inviting people.


You can invite new team members by entering their email address and clicking Invite.

The person will receive an email invitation with a link to accept, they will need to choose a password to complete the process. From them on, they are a full member of the team. They can login to Labcoat, use the extension, edit versions, etc.

Note: Any member of a team can invite other people and remove any other members from the team.

Editing together

Be careful, if you both edit the same version at the same time, you will likely lose work.

Viewing prototypes

Once various team members have logged into the extension, each will be able to see all the prototypes/versions for that team.

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