The Labcoat browser extension

The Labcoat extension is key to actually viewing your prototypes in action.

Labcoat extension

Getting the extension

Enabling the extension

  • Extensions are managed in Chrome by going to the menu: Windows > Extensions.
  • Ensure the Labcoat extension is enabled using the checkbox.

Logging in

  • You need to log into to the extension itself, as it has a completely separate Labcoat session. Be careful if you have multiple accounts to Labcoat.

Turning it on/off

  • In addition to enabling/disabling the extension in Chrome’s preferences, there is also a quick toggle to turn it on/off within the popup itself.
  • When it is off, nothing is changed on the target page.

Selecting versions

Once enabled, on, and logged in, you’ll be able to switch beween versions for the target domain.

  • The list of prototypes and versions for the current domain are listed in the menu.
  • Choosing a version will reload the page and apply the overrides for the new version.
  • If you are a member of multiple teams, all prototypes/versions for all teams are listed in the menu.
  • At any time, you can always select Unmodified Website which will not inject your styles and scripts.

Shortcut to edit/create

When a version is selected, next to the menu, a link to Edit appears. Clicking this button will open up the Labcoat Editor for this version in a new tab.

If there is no version, then the button will read Create and link you to the Create Prototype screen on Labcoat.

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