Versioning your prototypes

One of the powerful features of Labcoat is the ability to create unlimited Versions for the sites you are modifying.

Why is this cool?

In every design process, you’ll have many iterations and many different design directions. Labcoat lets you keep track of these and revist them at any time.

Why? A couple of reasons stand out:

  1. Keep track of iterations (version 1, version 2, etc.), or
  2. Keep track different directions (concept A, concept B, etc.)

Creating versions

In the Labcoat Editor, when you create a new prototype, the first version is created for you, appropriately called Initial Version. You can edit that version over and over and over. However, you can also create a new version at any time.

You can create new, empty versions, or duplicate an existing one.

In the editor, bring up the Version menu. It lets you select between versions, as well as duplicate, delete, or create a new one.

Labcoat version menu

Version editing

In the Labcoat Editor, you can create, duplicate, and delete versions by using the Version menu.

  1. Create a new version

  2. Duplicating versions
    Want to create a new version, but use an existing one as a base? Then, duplicate it.

  3. Switching between versions while Editing
    Once you have multiple versions, you can switch between them. You can always revist an earlier version and make further edits, or duplicate it.

  4. Deleting versions
    Went down a dead end? You can get rid of it forever, by selecting the version you want and clicking Delete Version from the Version Menu. But be careful, there is no undo, so you best be sure.

  5. Renaming a version
    You can rename a version at any time by clicking the pencil icon.

Labcoat rename version

Viewing your versions in action

When on your target site, the browser extension allows you to select any version and switch between them at any time.

Labcoat extension

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