Visual Design QA with Labcoat

When implementing a design, usually no one gets it right the first time.

There are many ways that designers tackle this problem, whether it is emailing around annotated screenshots or perhaps just sitting next to a developer and try to keep smiling as you tell them their work isn’t up to scratch. That’s no fun for anyone.

Instead of just critiquing, why not do your part to fix it?

Enter Labcoat.

  • Clean up the design by fixing up margins, padding, colours, font sizes, etc. using Labcoat.
  • Share the version with your developers.
  • The developer can simply switch between Unmodified Site and QA round 1 to see the changes in action.
  • The developer can see the actual code. While it is unlikely that the code can be used as is (for example, they might be using a pre-processor like Sass or have some complex CSS cascade going on), it will help dramatically with the process.
  • After they apply the changes, you repeat the process.

As my high school English teacher told me, Show, don’t tell.

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